FashionABLE 2018 celebrating Year of Youth at The Scottish Parliament

FashionABLE Year of Youth, Scottish Parliament

FashionABLE is an innovative organic fashion event created with a great deal of support, time and skills donated from industry experts and organisations who have gifted their time for free.
Director of this years inspiring event, celebrating Year of Youth (YOYP) is Olya Arren 28 who joined Team fashionABLE in 2016. Olya has worked tirelessly and brilliantly across all aspects of organising this event with her infectious energy and passion. Olya works at Hand Up Events and LocalMotive Markets on many other events.

Presenting fashionABLE is Arwen Seilman, an enthusiastic 13 year old who has taken an active interest in music and dance from an early age. Her life changed significantly when her dad suffered a stroke when she was 8 years old. Over the past 5 years Arwen has come to terms with the upset and strived to improve her skills. She continues to play drums with Pulse of the Place and has taken a keen interest in equalities. Arwen recently delivered a poignant presentation on apartheid regarding Steve Biko, to an assembly at Broughton High School.

Providing entertainment; Pulse of the Place. An outstanding youth drumming organisation based in Leith that are led by young people for young people. Pulse Of The Place motto “Young people should be seen, and heard”.

Thank you to everyone at Team fashionABLE for the creation of this exciting event, too many people to name but everyone and you know who you are. You all rock!!!

Thank you to sponsors of this event, Kezia Dugdale MSP and Convener Children and Young People and Alex Cole – Hamilton, MSP and Deputy Convener Children and Young People for supporting this event to take place inside The Scottish Parliament.

Thanks to our organisation partners Upward Mobility and Models of Diversity, you have been brilliant.

Thanks to our models, designers, sound, audio, film, photographers, press and media and to Alice Noble from Scottish Parliament Events Team who has been with us every step of the way.

Thanks to Fiona Stewart from Interwoven PR for your continuous and outstanding support.

Team fashionABLE were delighted to welcome a range of bold and edgy collections from well established as well up and coming designers. These include: Lubi Lykan who specialises in Harris Tweed couture, special occasion dresses, jackets, fantasy and movie costumes; Ali Webster who is an environmentally conscious designer, dressmaker and sewing tutor with over 20 years’ experience; Isabell Buenz who specialises in up-cycling but is also a unique paper dresses designer; Alison Harm with funky modern as well traditional Scottish designs; ReMode Collective with up-cycled/recycled fashion; recently graduated Stephanie Wilson with very bold, eye-catching and strong messages behind her creations; as well Luigi Maldera, stylist for the 2nd fashionABLE show who has recently launched his first collection in Spain. As well up and coming Rhys McKenna with outstanding menswear and April Hay with timeless designs, textile creations and Christina Wong, zero waste and up-cycling textile designer.

Lubi Lykan
Ali Webster
Isabell Buenz
Alison Harm
Remode Collective
Stephanie Wilson
Luigi Maldera
Rhys McKenna
April Hay
Christina Wong

Autumn 2018, fashionABLE celebrated Year of Young People (YOYP). FashionABLE is a non-profit event that launched in September 2016, at Edinburgh’s Waverley Station, created, supported and funded by Hand Up Events & LocalMotive Markets. This event brings diversity, integrity, and inclusion into the fashion industry and society through exciting fashion.

In 2019, fashionABLE will become a social enterprise, inviting wider participation from across Scotland and involving more young and coming designers and models, make up artists as well recruiting more organising team members.

For more information visit &

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