Tighanimine l’huile d’argane Fairtrade du Maroc

Tighanimine El Baz is a Fairtrade cooperative situated near the city of Agadir, Morocco.

There are few job opportunities in the region and the production of argan oil is the only trade developing income. Severe weather conditions and an hostile environment make an agricultural lifestyle difficult to pursue and illiteracy keeps many of the women from pursuing good prosperous opportunities.

The story of Tighanimine is told by Nadia Fatmi, the organisation’s president, who sought to develop female literacy in the village and created a cooperative that benefits the women, their children and their community.

Nadia, the head of North Africa’s Fairtrade federation, explains why it is important to create work and education opportunities for women in society.

Ethical TV presents this film on behalf of Fair Trade Connection, a communication agency specialised in creating fair trade material.

They have produced several dozen videos about artisans living across the globe, raising their own finance to make stories readily available, creating a connection between them and the consumer.

Along with making films, Fair Trade Connection has facilitated workshops for different fair trade organisations to achieve encouraging results.

If you would like to find out more about their work and find out how you can support Fair Trade Connection please visit:


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