Max Havelaar celebrates 25 years of Fairtrade

Ethical TV presents this short on behalf of the Max Havelaar Foundation.

Have you ever wondered where the fairtrade mark originated from? This short celebrates the creation, formation and continuation of the fairtrade mark across the globe;  Max Havelaar and Fairtrade International are responsible for bringing fairtrade products and this symbol into the mainstream market.


The Max Havelaar foundation is an independent non-profit organization that licenses use of the Fairtrade Certification Mark on products in the Netherlands in accordance with internationally agreed Fairtrade standards. Through national campaigns, they drive awareness of the importance of fair trade with businesses as well as consumers. Max Havelaar is part of a larger international movement and one of 19 national Fairtrade organizations covering 24 countries.

To find out more about the work of Max Havelaar and Fairtrade visit:

All credit to the Max Havelaar Foundation and the Fairtrade Foundation.

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